About us

VRMX (Vacation Rental Manager Exchange) is a marketplace, where acquisitive
or growing short term rental businesses may discover opportunities
and identify potential sellers or partners

The short term rental market is a global phenomenon and is constantly evolving and in flux. With such a variety of business models and professional companies (in excess of 200,000) plus individual or small contracting hosts, the rental industry has many millions of properties under management.
Marketplaces facilitate the exposure of product and services to buyers. In the real estate world the buying and selling of properties is via brokerage but has clear visibility of the properties on both on the large real estate websites and the realtors own sites.
There is nothing wrong with brokers. They provide a great service, but the explosion of small businesses and the interest from funding organisations and growth managers means that the buy/sell/invest “dating” oppportunity requires a more marketplace approach.
VRMX has been created by well know individuals in the short term rental space, with experience of establishing, growing, investing, buying and selling short term rental businesses and contracts.
The VRMX business is part of the Yes.Consulting network of businesses and we are happy to have conversations around this business model and opportunities to blend other STR asset classes.