Buyers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers of companies or contracts

What is VRMX?

VRMX is a short-term rental information exchange platform for professional managers and hosts to buy, sell, partner or invest. The platform has been developed to allow acquisitive companies to review companies interested in one of these options and to communicate directly with the sellers.

How do I qualify as a Buyer?

We expect every buyer to be a professional body, whether a manager looking to grow their business, a professional investor or an organisation that wishes to add short-term rentals to their portfolio. We personally and digitally check the credentials of each company. There are AI checks in place to identify issues with misuse of the platform.

How much information can I expect to see?

Most companies are interested in a country region(s), types of business size, and portfolio. The details shown of each company via a logged-in search are: “Country”, “Region”, a “from-to” number and type of properties and a description of the business written by the seller to give a flavour of the opportunity.

How do we contact a business?

You can message the seller, who will receive your submitted credentials and contact details. They may accept or reject this, and you will be notified. In the case of acceptance, the seller will contact you directly using your contact information.

What does it cost to have access to the system?

The subscription page will show all current terms.

Do you allow brokers to list businesses for sale?

We have nothing against brokers; they provide a valuable service. The marketplace, however, is positioned to open up opportunity and connectivity and ensure cost-effective transactions.

Does VRMX offer any other services to support the sale process?

Should these be needed, we have several experts in the field who are also supported by lawyers, accountants and other professionals. Please contact us for more information.