Sellers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for sellers of contracts or companies

What is VRMX?

VRMX is a short-term rental information exchange platform for professional managers and hosts to buy, sell, partner or invest. The platform has been developed to allow acquisitive companies to review companies interested in one of these options and to communicate directly with the sellers.

Will my company be exposed to the general public or competitors?

No. All interested acquisitive parties must register and be audited personally and digitally before they can access sellers; even then, the information you provide is anonymised, as described below.

How do I avoid company exposure based on the information I submit?

The details shown of each company via a logged-in search are designed to be very generic with details such as “Country”, “Region”, a “from-to” number and type of properties and a description of the business you write. This can have your interest in selling or investment at your discretion, and we offer samples of how to write these.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

What if I only have one or a handful of contracts I want to sell and I am not a big or established company?

We work with all selling parties. Buying contracts is a popular method of growing management businesses. We connect the parties, you do a deal directly.

How does an acquirer or investor contact me?

If they are interested in your business, they can send you a message directly, which will have all their credentials attached. You may accept or reject this, and the company will be notified. In the case of acceptance, you may contact the company directly using their contact information.

What does it cost to advertise my business?

The subscription/pricing page will show all current terms.

Do you allow brokers to list businesses for sale?

We have nothing against brokers; they provide a valuable service. The marketplace, however, is positioned to open up opportunity and connectivity and ensure cost-effective transactions.

Does VRMX offer professional services to support the sale process?

Should you need these, we have several experts in the field who are also supported by lawyers, accountants and other professionals. Please contact us for more information.